Your wall system is one of the constants in the design. Ease of installation and merchandising, a clean look.
Just what you want. Just what we provide.

Wall Systems are part of the overall retail experience a customer enjoys and adds atmosphere and function to your store. We have designed custom wall systems for some of the worlds’ most famous brands – and would love to design your wall systems, too.

Wall Systems for Abercrombie & Fitch

CRG worked with A&F to develop their wall systems and wall bays with WallSell merchandising pre-built into the system. Not only did this provide for additional merchandising space, but by delivering them pre-stained and ready to go, this helped reduce their overall store construction time and allowed them to open their stores faster.

Retail Wall Systems for TJX Corporation

When TJX came to CRG they were looking for merchandising help in their giftware and domestics departments. CRG’s engineers worked with the store planners to re-engineer a system that would adopt their current shelving – allowing them to build the specifications into all of their new and existing stores.

In addition to the wall program, CRG helped TJX develop a successful jewelry program that they rolled out into all of their stores.

Perimeter Wall Systems for Justice

With more than 100 stores scheduled to open before the holiday season, Justice Stores schedules 4 week store openings from construction start to the cash register ringing.

There’s little room for unexpected variables, and with CRG’s wall systems, they can count on a three-day installation turnaround, keeping their store openings on schedule.

Merchandising Wall Systems for Calvin Klein

When Calvin Klein approached CRG for their stores they had been using recessed and Garcy standards, but were looking for unique merchandising alternatives that would provide them greater flexibility to merchandise.

CRG Worldwide incorporated custom painted wall panels and uprights, providing the look and feel of a seamless wall, with the ability to more cost effectively modify the look and feel to integrate with the brand look.

Currently Calvin Klein has incorporated their “Black Denim Wall” into over 85 locations.

Reduced Labor and Installation Costs

On average, CRG’s wall system takes two installers only 3 days to complete 200 linear feet of furring, uprights and paneling.

Stores Can Stay Open During Remodel

All panels are pre-finished, so there’s no need for messy on-site sanding, painting or staining.

20% increase in load bearing weight over recessed standards.

Melamine panels are less brittle and have higher impact resistance than drywall. Panels
can be finished as your needs dictate.

Extra Parts for Every Job

Every job shipped includes extra panels and uprights; so there’s no running around at the last minute looking for extra parts.

No Need for Specialty Contractors

CRG’s wall systems eliminate the need for plastering, drywall or specialty painting contractors.

Reduced field calls

The simplicity and flexibility of CRG’s wall system’s allow installation into any store, regardless of the existing environment, without all the prep work as required with drywall.


Used for over 20 years in over 11,000 locations with no field failures.

Save time…Save Costs

WallSell Technical Specifications

Who Benefits from our Wall Systems?

• Guaranteed Up-Front Costs
• Reduced Field Calls
• Reduced P.O. Development with In-House Takeoffs

• Faster Installation
• Reduced Labor Expenses
• Fewer Variables Than Dry Wall
• No Need for Specialty Contractors

• Faster Store Openings
• Unlimited Design Options
• Interchangeable Panels for Quick & Easy Design Changes

“CRG Worldwide has the market on wall systems. In my opinion it’s not just the system, it’s the support people that make a difference. Every time I have contacted someone at CRG I am taken care of. This doesn’t happen with the competitors, Vira, Dandee and United Expo.”
– Brian Britenbuche Healy Construction Services, Inc.

“(CRG’s wall system) is definitely easier than a Garcy & Drywall system. It would take 5 days and 4 men to install the CRG wall where it would take three times the labor to install a Garcy and drywall system.”
– Robert McDugle Schmenti Corporation

“Your company has provided the complete slatwall systems for all but 1 store in the eleven years of my rule. The one time we tried some other company to supply our needs, we had nothing but problems with delivery, customs and most important, product.”
– A.V.P. Construction, Winners

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