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Over a century ago, our founders believed that if we committed to building superior products, infused with the experience and passion of our associates, we could help our clients grow – allowing CRG Worldwide to grow along with them.

From a small start-up specializing in custom showcases, CRG Worldwide has grown to be a leading designer and manufacturer of custom store fixtures for the Specialty Retail. Operations and distribution now span the globe. The passion that started the company—and expanded it—still drives it. More than 115 years later.

What does this mean for you? It means that when you partner with CRG Worldwide, you work with a team committed to your success. A progressive, passionate and client-oriented team committed to make your vision a reality. With CRG Worldwide, every experience delivers.

Worldwide Sustainability Mission Statement

Custom Retail Group Worldwide (CRGWW) is committed to the principals of sustainability. In our business of manufacturing, purchasing, and distribution of retail store fixtures we consciously support the efforts to reduce waste created through industrial metabolism. CRGWW makes every effort to manufacture wood products from ecological resources. We also support dematerialization and industrial ecology that “reduces, reuses, and recycles”.
CRGWW enjoys the recognition of adopting Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) on interior architectural fabrication for commercial and retail interiors. We recognize and understand:

  • Green design and green building practices for commercial retail interiors.
  • Incorporating environmental features.
  • Wall systems, cabinetry, and floor fixtures.
  • Reducing environmental footprint.
  • Providing healthy and enjoyable retail interiors.

Our Initiative and Principals of Domestic and Global Procurement:

  • All compwood panels made of hardwood plywood, particle board, and medium density fiberboard (MDF) are purchased from known wood panel mills and are in compliance with the California Air Resources Board (CARB) Phase 1 Emissions implementation, which requires the limited use of formaldehyde emissions.
  • Raw materials are certified by CARB Phase 1 or 2 standards in the use and building of furniture, cabinets, and store fixtures.
  • All purchased raw materials, compwood panels, and fabricated fixtures have statements of compliance.
  • Composite panels and finished goods are safe for all public and private use in or for:
Housing Government and commercial facilities Warehousing Flooring
Schools Retail outlets Cabinets Molding millwork, etc.
Libraries Business offices Store fixtures

CRGWW takes reasonable and prudent precautions to purchase only panels and fixtures using compliant green initiatives and sustainability principals.


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