Customizing fitting rooms to meet your vision

“The phenomenon of the Pop-Up store trend is becoming more prevalent as retail stores and mall owners seek to find a way to remain relevant in an increasingly e-commerce-centric world,” from The Store Front blog post January 10, 2017. These Pop-Up experiences benefit the brand, the mall owner and the customer. As larger, well-established brands re-evaluate leases and spaces to find their target customer, mall spaces are left open. These spaces create a great opportunity for another brand to test a new location or space size. In addition, smaller, younger brands have an opportunity to go into the space temporarily to test the waters with their product. For the mall owner, the ability to temporarily fill unused space is crucial. Perhaps most importantly, the consumer gets an opportunity to see the products in person rather than rely on internet images. Despite the surge toward e-commerce, customers still like to look, feel and touch before they buy.

When setting up your new “showroom,” don’t forget about the importance of the fitting room. Customers who make it into a store’s fitting room are almost seven times more likely to purchase than those shoppers that only browse the sales floor. The average conversion rate of customers who bought an item after visiting the fitting room was 67%…powerful incentive to invest in aesthetically pleasing fitting rooms. Your fitting rooms are an important part of the retail experience and directly contribute to your store’s bottom line.

Our fitting rooms are a perfect match for your temporary space. Beautiful, easy to install, and reasonably priced, these customizable fitting rooms can help you make the most out of your temporary space while reflecting your unique brand.

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