Illuminated Products

AdGlo® sign products provide maximum
design flexibility, permitting accurate
 reproductions of logos, letterforms and
 graphics rather than neon’s tubular
 representations. The result is a brilliantly
 illuminated sign with an upscale appearance 
that builds brand awareness and adheres to 
identity specifications.

AdGlo illuminated products are produced in four basic design styles; Intralight, Contour, Backlight and Edgelight. These illumination styles can be used alone or in combination with one another for dramatic visual effects. Five LED colors are available while others can be created with colored diffusers. Special effects can be achieved by programing LEDs to flash, sequence or chase.

The text, logo or graphic are slightly raised and glows
 internally, producing exact reproduction of the original 
art. Intralight sign elements can be as small as 1/2” high.
The maximum illuminated area width is 2 1/2”.

The body of the letter, logo or graphic is non-illuminated and can be produced from several base materials. An illuminated outline extends beyond the edge of each non-illuminated element.

Illumination radiates from the back of letters, logos or graphics creating a halo of light. The illuminated elements are mounted with or without spacers to create the desired area of glow to be cast onto the background.

The face of the letter, logo or graphic is a non-illuminated opaque material, while the sides are fully illuminated.

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